Youmani Jérôme Lankoandé «one of the most promising entrepreneurs in Canada» – Journal de Montréal

27 October 20150

took an interest in the entrepreneurial journey of the CEO of YULCOM Technologies, Youmani Jérôme Lankoandé.


Born Entrepreneur

Born to entrepreneurial parents, Youmani Jérôme Lankoandé has always dreamed of following in their footsteps. After his studies in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, where he grew up, he moved to Quebec and completed a master’s degree at Université Laval in 2009.

«What I love about entrepreneurship is the terrain, the development of new products, the innovation, the risk and therefore the adrenaline.» Skills that he will have the opportunity to develop over the next year thanks to the appointment of Action Canada, which will take him to the four corners of the country.

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