YULSANTÉ aims to facilitate exchanges between pharmacy, insurer, and customers. It was designed to dramatically reduce processing times, the risk of errors and to detect fraud in drug claims.

The use of YULSANTÉ on a large scale would enhance collaboration between pharmacists and health insurers by providing consistency and accuracy of patient data.

YULSANTÉ takes into account two aspects:

  • At the Insurer level: the software will allow him to make accessible the updates of his lists of drugs excluded for pharmacies.
  • At the level of the pharmacy: the software allows to make a better follow-up of the lists’ updates in order to best serve its customers and to avoid the losses due to the drugs not covered.

Consultation of lists

The insurer can consult his lists on his profile, namely: his insurance policies, drugs excluded by insurance policy as well as his clients.

Importing lists

In order to facilitate the updating of the lists, the software allows to directly download lists contained in Excel files format. The import can be done with a module of “drag and drop“ or by selection of the file with the file manager of the operating system.


Connection to an Insurers’ network

From the point of view of the pharmacy, the software will allow consulting during the sale of a drug, the validity of the cover of the customer, to which he is entitled according to his insurance policy in order to make sure that the desired medications are refundable. It then automates the claims process. It automatically edits a refund request and sends it to the corresponding insurer.

Technical characteristics

  • Working environment: Windows and Mac OS
  • Databases: Oracle
  • Distribution mode: Annual License, SaaS and Open source (on demand)
  • Languages available: French and English

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