Create offices and manage places for employees or guests (To access window where events can be added)

  • Create offices and assign places to people (To access window where seats can be added to the system)
  • Display lists (To access information displayed as lists)
  • General configuration (To access the configuration. To choose the printer, etc.)

Integration of your calendars via mobile lets the road-warriors share changes in their schedule from iPhone, iPad or Android.


With your file listing participants, Seatfinder provides an interface that allows you to:

  • Find an office, a seat or a table by name, a group or a company
  • Assign offices, seats and tables to people
  • Generate seats, tables or an attendance list
  • Track the occupancy rate of office space or seating
  • Automatically generate reports on place management

Technical characteristics

  • Working environment: Windows and Mac OS
  • Databases: Oracle
  • Distribution mode: Annual License, SaaS and Open source (on demand)
  • Languages available: French and English

Accelerating digital innovation

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