Yulbooks Stocks management


Stocks management

Yulbooks Stocks Management helps you manage and monitor your inventory, helping you to streamline your operations and increase your profits.

Inventory management and replenishment are daily challenges for all organizations that must ensure the availability of commercial goods or public goods. Retailers, distributors, and manufacturers need a reliable and intuitive tool to do these challenges. YULBOOKS was thought to answer this need.

YULBOOKS Stocks has been developed in a modular way to adapt to several industries and integrate with other management and accounting software.

Available in the web version, YULBOOKS Stocks integrates YULBOOKS Contracts, YULBOOKS Real Estate, YULBOOKS Assets, YULSANTÉ and Seatfinder software.


  • Organize and track your inventory accurately
  • Avoid stockouts with low inventory alerts
  • Make orders for products before stockouts
  • Make forecasts for future orders
  • Create purchase orders with a direct mailing to suppliers
  • View inventory levels by category or location
  • Barcode scanner to add new items
  • Add notes, URLs, and photos to article descriptions
  • Export or import the stocks into a .csv file.

Technical characteristics

  • Working environment: Windows and Mac OS
  • Databases: Oracle
  • Distribution mode: Annual License, SaaS and Open source (on demand)
  • Languages available: French and English

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