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YULCOM is led by a team of digital professionals made up of IT project managers, software architects, web, software and mobile programmer analysts and trainers.

Our team has extensive experience and an enviable reputation in terms of professionalism, respect for deadlines, and sustainability of the solutions developed.
Jérôme Youmani Lankoandé
Chairman and CEO
Juan Pablo Espinoza
Director of International Business Development
Louis Caron
Project Director
Paul Farcas
Information Systems Manager
Komi Sodoke, PhD
Project Director - Artificial Intelligence
Alix Grimmelprez
Marketing Manager
Dmitry Dudchenko
Web Developer
Dan Yin
Web Developer
David Deschênes
Web Developer
Youmna Mansour
UX / UI Design Manager
Éloïse Emery
Web Developer and UX / UI Designer
Roch de Vidts
Web Developer
Jennifer Moriconi
DG of YULCOM Belgium
Mohanad Ibrahim
Business Development Officer
Othmane Lyaacoubi
Web Developer
Asma Righi
Web Developer
Morgane Yameogo
Assistant Director
Rachid Manli
Jural advisor
Hadiza Mohamed Ben Oumar
Project Director
Jonathan Burnham
Communications Manager

Accelerating digital innovation

1500 rue Du College, office 400 Montréal, QC, H4L 5G6 Canada
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