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Sales Management

YULBOOKS Sales and Invoicing Management is software designed to facilitate the tracking of sales, invoicing, revenue, sales orders, and sales and profit analysis.

Available in desktop version and web application, it is the ideal tool for facilitating direct sales, gathering customer information and tracking sales by product, agent and location. It allows you to generate several statistical reports on sales.

Running on Windows and Mac OS, YULBOOKS Sales and Invoicing Management allows you to automate your sales process and facilitate collections by email, phone and SMS.

Sales management

It allows sales reps to track sales and administrators to get an overview of sales development by product / service or department / division.

Sales management:
  • Opening a customer account
  • Information about the product / service sold
  • Client financial information (bank account number)
Commission management for sellers:
  • Calculation of commissions based on a% per seller
  • Calculation of commissions by product category
  • Calculation of commissions based on sales

Billing management

It allows you to manage invoicing by offering invoicing methods adapted to the activities of your company or organization:

  • Direct billing
  • Invoicing from a sales order
  • Invoicing from delivery notes
  • Recurring billing
  • Converting quotes to invoices
  • Management of customer deposits

User Management

This is a feature that allows you to add multiple types of users. The app has been designed to give the owner / manager of the app the ability to control what users can and cannot do on the platform.

Users can have several rights, including the right to create, modify or delete entries in one part of the platform or in all parts of the platform. The two basic roles are:

  • Administrator
  • Single user (Non-administrator)

Report management

  • Generate reports by sales agent
  • Generate reports by subsidiary / branch / shop
  • Generate global reports
  • Generate custom graphical reports

Technical characteristics

  • Working environment: Windows and on Mac OS
  • Database: Oracle
  • Distribution method: Annual license, SaaS and Open source (on request)
  • Languages ​​available: French and English

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