Software and Project Management

Information technology (IT) project management

Competition is forcing industries to reinvent themselves and innovate constantly. With its consulting services, YULCOM helps companies become more productive and innovative through the acquisition and integration of new information technologies.

Benefits of our consulting services to companies include:

  • Optimizing work processes and IT resources performance;
  • Stabilizing IT infrastructure and lowering IT-related incidents and problems;
  • Optimizing the management of your IT assets and of your configurations;
  • Improving decision making with more specific indicators;
  • Strategy optimization for your IT applications to achieve better productivity.

Integration of software systems

From delivering an administrative, documentary, physical or commercial management solution, to projects including multiple system integrations, no project frightens our experienced team.

For example: Technological architecture, Management portals and applications, Systems integration (ERP, CRM, database system, POS, etc.), Marketing automation, Agile programming/development (PHP,…

For successful projects of information systems integration, our team can accompany you through the structured approaches below:

  • Carrying out preliminary studies for software implementation
  • Impact assessment and recommendations
  • Mapping of business processes
  • Applications software parameterization
  • API Strategy
  • Testing
  • Implementation and deployment
  • Post-implementation support

Analyzing and measuring website performance

There is no website that cannot be measured and optimized. As communication technologies evolve, so does the depth of possible analyses.

Our Web performance management team has specialized expertise in the analysis and interpretation of multiple steps produced by tools such as SEO, SEM, A / B testing, performance monitoring, measurement (and management) of online reputation, implementation and management of Google Analytics and more…

Accelerating digital innovation

International presence

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