Investissement Québec signed a financial assistance agreement with YULCOM Technologies to support its growth in Europe

15 June 2022

The Québec government, through its agent Investissement Québec, is providing new financial assistance to YULCOM to support the growth of its international exports


The Québec government, through Investissement Québec, has just signed a new enhanced financial assistance agreement with YULCOM Technologies to support its international software and digital services export activities, particularly in Europe.

This support, which is part of the Québec government’s Export Program, will enable YULCOM Technologies to strengthen its sales team, implement its export strategy, and conduct trade missions in the rest of Canada and abroad.

YULCOM Technologies’ initiative also meets the major objectives of the Export Recovery Plan, unveiled by the Ministry of Economy and Innovation last March, which aims to strengthen the capacity of companies to export and to accelerate projects in markets outside Québec.

The entire YULCOM team in Canada and abroad is delighted with this vote of confidence from the Québec government.


About the Ministry of Economy and Innovation

The mission of the Ministry of Economy and Innovation is to support the growth and productivity of businesses, entrepreneurship, research, innovation and its commercialization, as well as investment, digital development and export markets.


About Investissement Québec

Investissement Québec’s mission is to play an active role in Québec’s economic development by stimulating business innovation, entrepreneurship and recovery, as well as investment and export growth. Active in every administrative region of Québec, the Corporation supports the creation and development of businesses of all sizes through investments and adapted financial solutions. Investissement Québec also supports companies through consulting services and other accompanying measures, including technological support offered by Investissement Québec – CRIQ. Also, through Investissement Québec International, the Corporation assists companies in exporting and prospecting for foreign talent and investment in Québec.


YULCOM Technologies Inc. is a multinational consulting firm in information technology, systems integration and artificial intelligence solutions, headquartered in Montréal. YULCOM Technologies specializes in web design, software development, web packages and web and mobile applications. It assists its clients in integrating the best digital technologies and in improving their process management. The company carries out digital projects for clients operating in North America (Canada and the United States), Europe, Africa and Asia.


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