New Orest Coaching website: a signature of Communidée and YULCOM Technologies

23 May 2018

For a first, we are pleased to present to you a collective work of Communidée and YULCOM Technologies for the realization of the website of ORest Coaching.

Orest Coaching helps business leaders and professionals achieve their strategic goals and realize their full potential. My proven A.C.T.E. and my strategic planning program drive their firm’s growth, create a high-performance corporate culture, and increase customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

Orest Coaching entrusted us with the mission of designing a clean design website to align the services and approach of business coaching.

The business coach helps you achieve your goals by identifying priority areas for improvement and clarifying your company’s vision and values ​​while providing you with the tools you need to grow your business.

In 2017, Communidée and YULCOM Technologies decided to form an alliance that is logical and innovative, propelled by our complementarity in the fields of communication and computer engineering. We dare to believe that the Rest Coaching website is a good reflection of this alliance.

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