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The Yulbooks software suite

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Yulbooks Contrats

Yulbooks – Contracts Management is a process automation software for creating, managing and renewing supplier contracts.

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Yulbooks Assets

Yulbooks – Assets Management is an asset inventory management software that includes the tangible and intangible assets of businesses and government institutions.

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Yulbooks Assets

Yulbooks – Real Estate Management is a management software for rental property, lease monitoring, rents and payments, receipts, management of owners, charges and billing.

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Yulbooks Stocks

Yulbooks – Stocks Management is a software for managing and monitoring your inventory helping you to streamline your operations and increase your profits.

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Yulpay - Electronic Payments Aggregator is a web application that accepts payments by bank cards, credit cards, electronic money, and mobile money on websites and mobile applications.

Our other Products

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Yulsanté is a software package, composed of our pharmacy management software Pharmasoft, and the Insurer module for the drug insurance management. Both components communicate via the cloud.

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Votepad is an application that can be used to perform different types of surveys, polls or votes. It is available on tablet and mobile Android and iOS.

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Seatfinder is software that helps public and private companies manage their offices, seating and/or seating in buildings, meeting rooms and banquet halls.

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