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1 March 2017
Mr. Youmani Jérôme Lankoandé invited to the show LE 6 à 9 by Martine Bordeleau on Radio-Canada

Mr. Youmani Jérôme Lankoandé, President of Innovation Québec, was the guest of Martine Bordeleau’s LE 6 à 9 program on Radio-Canada. During this interview, Mr. Lankoandé shared some ideas for public policy projects being considered at Action Canada to stimulate innovation in Canada. This interview took place on the sidelines of the public discussion organized...

27 October 2015
Youmani Jérôme Lankoandé « one of the most promising entrepreneurs in Canada » – Journal de Montréal

took an interest in the entrepreneurial journey of the CEO of YULCOM Technologies, Youmani Jérôme Lankoandé. Extract: Born Entrepreneur Born to entrepreneurial parents, Youmani Jérôme Lankoandé has always dreamed of following in their footsteps. After his studies in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, where he grew up, he moved to Quebec and completed a master’s degree at...

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