About Us

About us


YULCOM is a Canadian company specializing in computer engineering, digital strategy, acquisition and installation of information technology tools.

YULCOM Technologies was founded in 2009 in Montreal. We align creativity, technology and business purpose with a proven methodology to ensure the success of our clients’ digital projects in Canada, Europe and Africa.

We continually invest in developing the skills of our ICT professionals to provide you with the best level of expertise available on the market.

Today, YULCOM Technologies serves several companies and organizations on four continents (America, Europe, Africa and Asia).

Our three areas of expertise
  1. Information technology project management
  2. Digital communication consulting services
  3. Web and cloud hosting solution
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Technologies ?

YULCOM Technologies has developed a structured approach to facilitate the transformation of your organization, based on global best practices such as ITIL, Lean and Green IT.

Thanks to a structured approach, YULCOM Technologies is able to offer you personalized solutions. Our experts provide you with their solid programming skills, and their experience in web and software design.

Our way of doing things:

  • A user-oriented approach after having thoroughly examined and analyzed the specific customer needs, the environment, the management of business processes and the current system.
  • Customer participation throughout the design and development process by integrating customer feedback at every stage.
  • Iterative, incremental and evolutionary design process.
  • Prototyping for customer feedback.
  • Data driven decisions.
  • Tests for users.
  • Final product.
Completed projects


YULCOM is led by a team of digital professionals made up of IT project managers, software architects, web, software and mobile programmer analysts and trainers.

Our team has extensive experience and an enviable reputation in terms of professionalism, respect for deadlines, and sustainability of the solutions developed.

1500 rue Du Collège, bureau 200 Montréal, QC, H4L 5G6 Canada
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